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Aug 16, 2020 18:30 by Arijana H.-Softić
16025 confirmed cases


International road border crossings with Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro are opened.


Compulsory wearing of masks, cotton straps or scarves over mouth and nose in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska in indoor public spaces.
Ban on gatherings of more than 50 people (indoors and outdoors) in Republika Srpska and 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Pursuant to the Article 2b of the Decision on prescribing additional conditions for the entry of foreigners in Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted by the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, published on June 11, 2020, the Decision on banning the entry of foreigners into Bosnia and Herzegovina does not apply only to citizens of neighbouring countries i.e. Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro. Citizens of these countries can enter Bosnia and Herzegovina without any restrictions, and they are not obliged to quarantine upon entering the country.
Article 2 of the same decision stipulates that other foreigners are prohibited from entering Bosnia and Herzegovina with certain exceptions, of which the exception from paragraph "n" applies to foreigners entering Bosnia and Herzegovina due to business obligations, provided that they have an invitation from a legal entity from Bosnia. and Herzegovina, which engages them in Bosnia and Herzegovina and has a certificate of negative test for SARS-SoV-2 virus, not older than 48 hours from the moment of entry.
In accordance with the above stated provisions, the nationality of foreigners of neighbouring countries may be interpreted as decisive. Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina residing anywhere in the world can enter Bosnia and Herzegovina without mandatory quarantine upon entry. Also, foreigners who are allowed to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina will not be quarantined, except in the case of a positive test while in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The Constitutional Court concluded on April 22, 2020 that challenged Orders prohibiting movement of the persons under age 18 and over age 65 during covid19 outbreak on the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina violate the right to freedom of movement.
The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Federal Civil Protection Headquarters are ordered to harmonise the Orders with the standards arising under Article II(3)(m) of the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Article 2 of Protocol No. 4 to the European Convention, within five days as from the date of the receipt of this Decision.
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